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    Kill Yourself

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    Kill Yourself

      About "Kill Yourself"

      Lyrics for Timbaland - "Kill Yourself"

      Get out
      Get out!
      You can't be in here
      You have to get out
      I implore you
      You're all going to die down here

      It's life or death
      Either one
      The king is back
      Take heed and run
      I piss and take a shit on your beat for fun
      I killed the game
      I ain't even use a gun
      Who better than me?
      Don't make me laugh
      I run this shit; they just chase my ass
      I ain't talkin' shit, nigga
      Just tellin' the facts
      I think all the tracks I'm hearin' from niggas is whack
      I be hearin' these niggas
      What they say in they rhymes
      I took my spot; nobody gave me mine
      I make the beats that boom boom boom in they trunks
      You disagree, homey? Then go on and jump
      You can bump your gum
      You can say what you want
      That's all you gon' do 'cause you niggas is punks
      I'm number one; you ain't nothin' but shit
      When they need a hit, I would become to get
      Talk to me

      If you got love for me, I got love for you
      If you don't fuck wit' me, I won't fuck wit' you
      We can do it however you wanna do
      Nigga, if you don't fuck wit' me, I won't fuck wit' you
      Go on ahead
      Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself
      Go on, kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself
      If I was you, I wouldn't feel myself
      Go on, kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself
      Go on, kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself
      If I was you, I wouldn't feel myself

      I'm tired of niggas
      Niggas is tired
      You ain't a G
      I see bitch in your eyes
      If you close to me
      You supposed to be
      But most of you rap niggas is hos to me
      Wherever you from
      The question I ask
      Is do you think I give a fuck?
      Riddle me that
      'Cause in my hood, and you jump into hell and back
      This industry shit - to hell wit' that
      I seen 'em come, I seen 'em go
      I doubt if you can show me somethin' I ain't seen before
      Who supposed to be in charge? I need to know
      When I shake your hand, I'm a step on your toe
      Go get ya gun, go get ya click
      I'm a be right here chillin' wit' yo' bitch
      You mad at me 'cause I'm gettin' rich
      Well, put the pistol to your head and empty the clip
      Pop, nigga!


      See my heart
      Feel my pain
      Some is stars, some is lames
      How they follow little trends to get they fame
      I ain't snappin' my damn fingers to get in the game
      You claim you rich
      Show me, son
      If you got so many dollas, then loan me one
      Fools think they killas - they own a gun
      When you know you 'bout as sweet as a honey bun
      Trash your broads behind a bar
      Like you dat dude frontin' hard
      VIP bands don't make you a star
      Like we really still don't know who the fuck you are
      Don't talk behind my back, just call me nigga
      Move my heart to the side
      Make room to forgive ya
      If you still wanna hang
      We'll come to get ya
      Put the rope around your neck and jump, my nigga!

      You're all going to die down here
      Get out
      Get out
      You can't be in here
      You're all going to die down here

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