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    Timbaland & Magoo
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    Cop That Shit

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    Cop That Shit

      About "Cop That Shit"

      Lyrics for Timbaland & Magoo - "Cop That Shit"

      [Intro: Missy Elliot]
      We are the VA players
      Love to the Neptunes and the Clipse
      To ya bootleggers we breaking off both of ya legs
      The underrated Maganoo, comin' with the unexpected
      The run away slave I, Mistameanor
      Escaping from all ya fraudulent players
      Last but not least, the heavyweight champion, Mr. Mosley

      [Verse 1: Timbaland]
      It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you
      Without some little nieces and nephews
      To cover all the beats, and the rhymes I been through
      Time's up, sorry I left you
      Thinking of this, I keep repeating them hits
      Like that Aaliyah, Timberlake, or Missy Elliott shit (Shit)
      As you sit by the radio, hands on the dial tone
      As you hear it, pump up the volume
      Jump when you hear them speakers left it off (Off)
      Mr. VA 'bout to set it off
      Well I don't know what you heard, and I don't know what ya know
      Well my folks don' told me, (YOU GOT IT! Oh)
      So, "Up Jumps the Boogie", let the record work (Uh huh)
      And put me on like you red alert
      'Cause it's the big bad Timmy, Maganoo, and Missy
      Like THREE THE HARD WAY!, comin' straight out of Virginia

      [Chorus: Missy Elliot]
      DJ's in the mix shows you better go to the record store and
      COP THAT SHIT! (Oh Lord)
      And to the bootleggers giving em bootlegs
      We breaking off both of ya legs, COP THAT SHIT! (Oh Lord)
      Stop burnin' CD's for ya friend and I'ma say it again, nucca
      COP THAT SHIT! (Oh Lord)
      'Cause this the hot shit, out on the streets
      So when you hear this CD go and COP THAT SHIT! (Oh Lord)

      [Verse 2: Missy Elliot]
      When you say you love me, it doesn't matter
      It goes into my head as just chit-chatter
      You may think I'm egotistical or just very free
      Won'tcha say I go tell it to, TIMOTHY!
      People say I'm whack, but they don't tell me so
      Let them pretend to be me, then they know
      I hate when one, pretend to fantasize
      Fact I despise, those who even try
      Sweat between my thighs {*sniff*} never stinking
      Yo dream is over, career sinking
      I told all of you, like I told all of them
      Whatcha say to me be, DICK TO YA CHIN!
      In one ear and right out the other
      "Ayyio Missy you ugly!" yeah ya mother
      I don't pay attention, I don't concentrate
      You ain't got the bait, that it takes to hook this, huh

      [Verse 3: Magoo]
      I'm your idol, the highest title, numero uno
      I'm not a Puerto Rican but I do look up to Vagil
      And understand I got the gift of speech
      And it's a blessing, being from them VA streets
      I talk sense condensed in the form of a poem
      If I wasn't writing rhymes I'd be breaking in homes
      I'm kinda young, so my gun's my security
      I'm not afraid nucca do what you gon do to me
      I get paid when your record is played
      To put it short, heh I got it made
      I'm talented, yes I'm gifted
      My uppercut boy that'll get ya lifted
      You got cash? man stop frontin
      Living off damn every record that you cutting
      My name Magoo and I roll wit two stars
      Every CD we split 48 bars
      My name Magoo and I'm a supadupa star
      Every other month I get a brand new car!


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