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    Swizz Beatz
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    Bust Ya Gunz

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    Bust Ya Gunz

      About "Bust Ya Gunz"

      Lyrics for Swizz Beatz - "Bust Ya Gunz"

      Who! Yeah yeah (Swizzie!)
      It's showtime! Yeah
      Y'all know who it is! (Y'all know who it is!)
      I'ma get it popping like I'm used to (let's get it popping)

      Do y'all niggas bust ya guns? (Hell yeah we bust our guns!)
      Do y'all fuck 'em 'til they cum? (Damn right we make 'em cum!)
      Do y'all niggas bust ya guns? (Hell yeah we bust our guns!)
      Do y'all fuck 'em 'til they cum? (Damn right we make 'em cum!)
      I make 'em all say (all say)
      Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
      Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh (let's go)

      Be in the scene, I'm makin that cream
      Them haters always say "What the hell does that mean?"
      I'm coming through your block, got somethin mean (mean)
      The Ferrari pink, it blings (blings)
      Yep, I got suede in my dash
      I got your chick ready to kiss my ass
      I go to the club man, it's no cash
      That black card make them chicks move fast
      Can you hear me now? Can you see me now?
      I throw on my jeans tucked then it's out now
      T.I. made them suckas +Bring it Out+ now
      The Ruff Ryders start it, now just shout it!

      Man, now engine engine, number 9
      You talkin crazy, you lose your mind
      And if that chucker wanna throw that stack
      Well pick it up, HEY, pick it up - you don't know me
      But Kanye know my name; Timbo, know my name
      Pharrell, know my name; Scotty, know my name
      Came in the game at 16 and changed the game up
      C-Came in the game at 16 and changed the game up
      Kicks, snares, change the beat game
      C-Cali like Big said, and Big did
      I hope nobody got offended what I said
      You wanna act crazy I aim for your head {*BLAM*}

      I got a special guest for y'all
      He go by the name of Drag dash, get 'em man!

      Guess who's back in your building ya big pimping
      Drag-dash-On, now come on, look two childrens
      It's Drag dash bitch, Mr. Backdraft bitch
      Bust a slug like I blub, blap-blap bitch(we're not done)
      Bitches know, niggas love the way my flow switch
      Scratch my twinkles, tingle make a nigga itch
      I ain't gotta tell you how I spit propane
      I'm at the gun range cause I ain't got no aim (talk to 'em Drag!)
      Get at you rappers spit the stank in yo' lane
      My shit been clapping since Don did "The Soul Train"
      I'm back like when baking soda do cocaine
      Drag to the dash, I'm in the hood like lo mein

      The Drag album coming soon too
      We got Needlz on the beat man
      Them drums is too cold cut-able man, geah!
      Bakka-bakka, shots flowing here
      Swizz, get 'em! What up?
      Lox album, Eve album
      "One Man Band Man" bitch!

      Gray, Teruis / Smalls, Mel / Cain, Khari / Dean, Kasseem
      Powered and licensed by LyricFind

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