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    Snoop Dogg
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    Wrong Idea (Feat. Bad Azz, KoKane And Lil' HD)

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    Wrong Idea (Feat. Bad A...

      About "Wrong Idea (Feat. Bad Azz, KoKane And Lil' HD)"

      Lyrics for Snoop Dogg - "Wrong Idea (Feat. Bad Azz, KoKane And Lil' HD)"

      Whats up nephew?
      Sitting here chopping game, my nigga Bad Azz
      Niggas get the misconception of us
      cause we so cold at what we do
      But I really wanna let niggas know what's happening though
      You feel me?

      Now I don't want anybody
      to get the wrong idea about me
      I don't have nothing to hide
      I want the world to see,
      I'm a gangsta gangsta
      Gangsta niggas do your dance
      (C-Walk, C-Walk homey, yeah)
      Gangsta bitches wave yo' hands

      See me, I'm bout my money my paper I'm bout my dollars
      Popping collars with this mac and this slack and these two revolvers
      See we smoke and go hoeing cause the bitch ain't never shit to me
      and pussy stay selling, so I never let it get to me
      The shit to me is simple, it relies on credentials
      We credible individuals, ahead of you we original
      Better known as criminals, thugging off on the stereo
      Killing 'em on the radio, some of them wanna hate me though
      Fuck 'em cause they can't see me doe and here we go again
      The jealousy took me over success, just keep you slower
      While, you get nothing, we keep getting more
      Pump pump the jam up, drop drop the top
      Hit hit the switch and smash down the block
      And oh yeah this Long Beach so you know when you see a nigga
      And don't never get the wrong idea nigga
      (Yeah, nigga what?) Holla at 'em


      I keep my khakis creased, hat tilted to the East
      On a bitch I remain the beast, none the least
      Police try to cuff me and stuff me in the back
      of they patrol car, cause I'm a former parole star
      With the cool name, this nigga here's a fool man
      Go on and do yo' thing, gang-bang
      in the hood and in Hollywood
      Record company executives think it's all to the good
      Get to showing me around they house, then he slide me in the back
      and had the nerve to try to buy me out, check this out man
      I'm down with P, and D-R-E
      A real nigga from the motherfucking L.B.C.
      I just look like this, I stay down for the twist
      I'm real with this, deep as abyss
      I gave you a pound, then I gave yo' wife a kiss
      I had to dip cause y'all was full of that bullshit

      [Chorus: x3]

      Broadus, Calvin / Jenkins, Tomi / Blackmon, Larry Ernest / Stamps, Jamarr Antonio / Drew, David
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