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    Snoop Dogg
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    Special (feat. Brandy & Pharrell)

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    Special (feat. Brandy &...

      About "Special (feat. Brandy & Pharrell)"

      Lyrics for Snoop Dogg - "Special (feat. Brandy & Pharrell)"

      It's the way you,
      It's the way you make me feel
      (Special girl, you're so special, special)
      Baby just don't change, you're so real
      (so special girl you're so special, special)
      Show me that I'm special, tell me boy
      Girl you know you are special
      I bet you were born in the sky.
      Show me that I'm special, tell me boy
      Girl, you know you are special, girl
      The hottest in my mind

      I know you, and you know me
      And this is the place that you really wan' be
      Lets make it crack-a-lack I make it look easy
      Life can be a carnival and I'm a be your reason
      Kiss me slowly,
      Perform quiet storm til I get you nicely
      I'm puttin' out the blunt cause I see
      I see that I need you more in my life
      Than I need a bag of weed.
      Now I compare you to a bird
      When she fly by
      I wanna rock you back to sleep
      Like beddy-bye-bye.
      Bounce in the 'lac
      With your hand on my leg
      Throw your bags in the back
      I'm a show you where it's at
      No telling if we might come back
      You like that?
      I figured out a way to catch a flight right back
      See I ain't never flown for fees
      Come spend a weekend overseas in Greece with me
      Please believe


      You know, if you're through with me
      Then I'm through with you
      But you're the one who fell in love
      And said that love was true
      But you ain't never fake on me
      And you think that you gon find
      Another G like me?
      Dem nigga's ain't gon' play
      They gon' just hump
      They ain't gon do it yo way
      I can't hate and say what they gon' do
      All I know is that I'm true
      And know that you my baby boo
      Let's take a chance, Go to France
      On a 3 day cruse
      Walk with your man in the sand like ooh,
      It's our little rondez-vous
      Big snoopy and ooh
      I picture this love affair of ours
      To last a lifetime just like flowers
      Take a quic flick the get dressed
      We'll head to Brazil,
      I'll show you how it feel
      When you're rollin' with the real
      How it feel?


      We can make it, let's just stay together
      Come together, don't go
      Let's just have some fun and be together
      Forever, for life!

      Now that we're living our life especially
      I say that you're my pick
      And every day we'll dress alike and always stay slick
      To me, I see you as a gift
      Incredible it's edible
      My ice cream, have a lick
      I catch you when you fall like leaves
      And be the one that you need
      Come be my number one, please?
      See I ain't never blow no cheese
      And done no songs like these
      I love the air that you breathe
      You know why? (Why-Why?)


      Broadus, Calvin / Williams, Pharrell L
      Powered and licensed by LyricFind

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