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    LL Cool J
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    Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

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    Why Do You Think They C...

      About "Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?"

      Lyrics for LL Cool J - "Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?"

      Warning, MC's stand back
      You better take a chill and observe the skill
      of the man who can, so understand god damn
      I got a masterpiece a master plan and a brand new
      way to attack the wack cut 'em down to size
      to realize LL's back
      Don't sleep I'm too sweet to repeat a beat
      a lyric or rhyme I wouldn't waste your time
      with weak words, that's for nerds, you never heard a rhyme
      So you deserve a line rougher than rough enough is enough
      I'm, gonna slaughter choke ya smoke ya like a sauna
      You don't really wanna
      But if you wanna battle on here's a lesson, stop 'fessin
      I'm a lethal weapon, you better get to steppin
      off the stage, and outta my face
      You're too light ? save the bass

      Why do you think they call it dope?
      Why do you why do you think they call it dope?

      It seems like people-'ll never understand
      On the microphone I'm not your average man
      I cool out sometimes, I save my best rhymes
      and then the toy boy thinks that he can come and get mine
      Let your friends gas him up, talk trash and make bets
      then gets played like those kids who tried to rob Goetz
      You don't know what I'm sayin? Yo check it
      Give me any microphone and god dammit I'll wreck it!
      I'm coldblooded I'm about to mutilate
      Last year before I left I told you to wait
      But you couldn't stay loyal started goin astray
      Thinking Tom, Dick, and Harry can mess with Cool J
      Is you crazy? I'm booming, got the talent of two men
      The stamina and skill in battle to kill a few men
      The heart of a lion, the loyalty of a soldier
      I wreck your whole mob then tell ya I told ya!


      Cause I don't jab around you, I come inside
      Bob and weave, deceive until you get tongue tied
      Brawl for all give a lyrical display
      and next time you know better than to get in my way
      "Yo whassup wit LL?
      Will he ever make another 'Rock the Bells'?"
      Yo brothers is coming up, "I think he's falling off
      I don't think he's still 'hard as hell'"
      See, this is the attitude, of ignorant ones
      cause they don't know, all them MC'sll get done
      One or two might say, "Yo L'll be back"
      but the rest they be sucking on sugar smacks
      Talking that crap about who's better than me
      You think so? Just let a MC
      make me mad enough, to really wanna battle
      I put a L on his ass like he was cattle!


      Just cause I make a love song, or say a simple rhyme
      "Boom, move over L, it's Miller Time"
      I don't know whether to laugh, get ill or get wild
      Cause brothers don't realize, I got so many styles
      like tripling up the words, confusing all the nerds
      Heard put my sights on mics and ? flipping above the word
      to the mother, no other
      MC brother, can mess with Ladies Lover
      I'm original, I'm bright under color
      And when I get on the mic, yo I burn rubber
      Can't stand criticism, give 'em an exorcism
      Been rocking for years, now I have wisdom
      The way I'm kicking the lines you can hear my tongue twist
      and it'll have your neck spinning like you're spineless
      I'm picking 'em up, throwing 'em down
      Hyping 'em up and slowing 'em down
      All of these words with only one tongue
      Shaking 'em up and then baking 'em up
      Smash boom bash scraping 'em up
      Now you thought that was hard, I just begun
      Cause I'm a roll on the microphone
      And take control just like Al Capone
      I'm notorious, you're foolish if you sleep on me
      Cause I'm too slick to let a rapper get sweet on me
      Try to make a move for my heavyweight belt
      You get played like the Wizard of Oz witch, you melt
      Yo I'm crazy dope, with super hype lines
      and a lot of hype lines make one dope rhyme

      [Chorus: x2]

      Cause that's what it is

      Why do you think they call it dope?
      Why do you why do you think they call it dope?
      Why do you think they call it dope?

      Simon, Dwayne Emil / Smith, James Todd
      Powered and licensed by LyricFind

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