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    LL Cool J
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    Ooh Wee

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    Ooh Wee

      About "Ooh Wee"

      Lyrics for LL Cool J - "Ooh Wee"

      If I'm hot for you and you're hot for me
      What you got for me is no shock to me
      Can't believe that you're my property
      The sound of you clappin' on top of me
      The feeling of hitting the lottery
      Or passing go twice in monopoly
      But they don't compare to what you got for me
      The taste of the puddin' is so chocolaty
      I'm so conceited so obscene
      And still got my sneakers and my chain all leanin'
      And when I hit it right it start gleamin'
      Mean faces for what was the reason
      Chop it a little bit
      Its hard to read you like I'm illiterate
      But I'm ready for the graduation
      Yeah go ahead and repeat that rotation

      Give me all you got baby 2nite
      Now's the perfect time
      Come blow my mind
      Its cold out here please let me come inside
      Oh so warm at night
      You blow my mind, hey

      You can go ahead and talk greasy
      Tell me that you never had it this deeply
      I'm a whisper slick you respond sweetly
      Extra freaky I trick and you treat me
      I'll give you take but don't hesitate
      When you feel it go and throw it right back
      Just let me hold ya by ya shoulders
      Then you can take it like that
      I knew you was a champ girl got your leg
      On the dresser kickin' the lamp girl
      Run the shower lets go in the bathroom girl
      Cause the temperature is hotter than high noon girl
      Crack that door let the steam flow
      Ain't nobody here but me and you let it go
      You never it this good you already know
      Give me all you got girl really though


      You're the sexiest woman I've ever known
      My mind is blown
      You're simple beautiful how you do it to me
      You're showin' me things id never do
      Whole 'nother side of you
      Just keep what you do it feels like oh we

      You can go ahead and hit a wild climax
      Ain't no way I'm bout to let you relax let me see if
      You can hold me on ya back
      Let me see ya body wine to the track
      Chop it a little bit
      Hard to read you it feels like I'm illiterate
      But I'm ready for the graduation
      Yeah go ahead and repeat that rotation

      Smith, James Todd / Toby, Ryan / Storch, Scott Spencer
      Powered and licensed by LyricFind

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