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    LL Cool J
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    Ill Bomb

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    Ill Bomb

      About "Ill Bomb"

      Lyrics for LL Cool J - "Ill Bomb"

      Pimp shit, uh
      Uh, pimp shit
      Yeah, turn my shit up a little bit
      My vocals, uh, uh
      I hypnotize ya eyes and then you recognize
      That the sparkles of my chrome shoes paralyze
      Gettin' money like this, people want my vibe
      Full of jealousy and pride, hate the way I ride
      Sometimes ya speak, sometimes ya don't
      Figure this nigga souped up, cause he couped up
      Guaranteed to rip shit, soon as its louped up
      Ya niggas slept, twenty girls panties wasn't wet
      I'm a star, double the dick, the double are
      Never score hard to leave the bubble scarred
      Not the car, it's the man, daddy cool put it down
      No comparin' me to y'all, nigga is such a clowns
      L.A. worth paper, ask Russell Simmons who put 'em up in that skyscraper
      Ask my dogs up at Fubu, who made them major
      LL nigga, now who's next that need a favor
      Drop a bomb on 'em
      Remain calm on 'em
      Peirce the nipples, throw the LL charm on 'em
      Keep gangsta shit pumping through my system
      When my strobe lights flash you can't miss' em

      Call my name, ooh
      Call my name,
      Call my name, aw yeah
      Call my name

      59th street bridge up a roadway, do about a buck
      Pumping Mobb up in the Cadillac truck, don't give a fuck
      Gold tint, goldiggen broads getting bent
      We can fuck, but you ain't getting 10 cent, Who want it?
      Lay the facts out until the cats out
      Set 'cha back out, sweat 'cha tracks out, blow out your weed
      You wake up in the morning to a note, "Nigga had to leave."
      Be easy, you should of teased me, instead of being sleazy
      I wouldn't do a threezy, come across more floss than gold teeth
      I learned you can't eat, if ya hold beef, with niggas underneath
      Still I'm a lyrically hold it down
      L back in town, 'case the bell sound for second round
      Some of these old cats is funny, fuck who's legendary
      I'm trying to get this money
      Drop a bomb on 'em, and pour a dom on 'em
      As soon as the track come on, I transform on 'em
      Keep gangsta shit pumping through my system
      Strobe lights flashing can't miss' em


      Rappers don't really want it, they might claim they do
      They know I'm catching bodies, go 'head name a few
      After I blaze you, I get a doughnut
      Don't want no blood up on my chrome shoes
      Lord have mercy, this rookies got it confused
      You thought you caught me slipping, I was falsely accused
      Sleeping with my eyes wide shut, like Tom Cruise
      They wishing an impossible mission to see me lose
      Lay up time to choose, all I hate is on the left
      You hoping and praying you get to hear me take my last breath
      Lyrically, but I gang bang the track, chop sling like Cracker
      Hundred keys a month, you fucking up G backs nigga
      Invincible, unstoppable y'all niggas ain't ill your illogical
      This is L, the pigeon thriller, dream fulfiller
      A little something for ya ice guerrillas
      Drop a bomb on 'em
      When its time to attack Quiet Storm on 'em
      Hold ya nuts and keep ya palms on 'em
      Keep gangsta shit pumping through my system
      When my strobe lights flash you can't miss' em


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