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    LL Cool J
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    Hollis To Hollywood

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    Hollis To Hollywood

      About "Hollis To Hollywood"

      Lyrics for LL Cool J - "Hollis To Hollywood"

      "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost."

      Yeah, you know
      It be buggin' me out, you know what I'm sayin'?
      That rap, how everybody, like, is using metaphors and all that
      It seems like everybody's some kind of metaphor freak
      Some kind of metaphorical freak or somethin', man
      You know what I'm sayin'? Word up
      So, you know what I'm saying
      You know brother's want to make a movie and all that
      You know how I mean, so I figured you know what I'm sayin'
      I'd just make a little movie with a chicken ball
      Check it

      If you saw the movie, Wall Street, I guess you know
      The way ya stack chips and regulate wild dough
      But ain't no G-funk, and far from my era
      Tales from the hood, your boyz will feel terror
      MC's contaminatin' tracks with feces
      You think of pussy until a flick like Species
      Hi-tech, ya, my pen got velocity
      Jumpin' out the SSL like Virtuosity
      And never question what I'm doin' to ya, girl
      She let me dive deep like her panties is Waterworld
      But all metaphors, the only thing in rap
      You brothers need to stop with that

      I'm goin' from
      Hollis to Hollywood, but is he good?
      Hollis to Hollywood, but is he good?
      Hollis to Hollywood, but is he good?
      Hollis to Hollywood, but is he good?

      Check it,
      I'm makin' Speed like I'm Keanu Reeves
      But too many True Lies can make a honey please
      She said, I know you want this
      Get a Pocahontas
      I got Higher Learnin'
      And bangin' gets monotonous
      Her ass is classic
      Cheeks was Jurassic
      Servin' a Justice
      Poetic the way I last it
      I touch ground, real windy, with my lyrics
      Make her talk in tongues, and feel the Holy Spirit
      Hear it, pulling light strings
      Got mad cast a swing
      When I do my thing, my ballz is hairy like the Lion King
      I'm in the jungle, layin' down my mack
      You brothers need to chill with that


      Take me away
      You think I won't, fool?
      Take me away
      You think I can't, fool?
      Take me away
      You think I won't, fool?
      Take me away
      You think I can't, fool?
      It's kinda like miniature satellites floatin' in closets
      Spyin' in pockets
      Jumpin' out of a helicopter into a football stadium filled with cotton candy

      Word up,
      So your man got a good job lovin' ya so much
      Boss on his back, comin' home like, 'What the fuck?'
      But you be on his side through the thick and all the thin
      That's when LL come in
      Blast a ass like Apollo 13
      Sugar get the cream
      Hoppin' dom in every direction
      What a scene
      He can't understand your best friend's plan
      Running game while you chill with the Demolition Man
      Good love, have fun, tight hugs and flowers
      I have your girl runnin' off to fake baby showers
      Better get down before ya cryin' at home
      I got her standing on the bed gettin' closer to the Drop Zone
      Some brother's won't appreciate that
      Ain't it scary when you meet a real mack?
      Let's run it back
      See the flavors in my lifestyle, chill don't even lie to me
      Balls a lethal weapon, dick a menace to society
      You ain't a player-hater, kid, you took her off restriction
      I make her tell lies and knock the pulp out of fiction
      Kid, you know I'm game tight when you hit it tonight
      I hope she screams my name right
      This word is born kid, you know why?


      Check it

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