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    LL Cool J
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    Get Da Drop On 'Em

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    Get Da Drop On 'Em

      About "Get Da Drop On 'Em"

      Lyrics for LL Cool J - "Get Da Drop On 'Em"

      Check it out
      I break a nigga down ugly like Coke, up on the scale
      Next step throw a stack up on the third rail
      The undisputed, I'm never ever diluted or polluted
      You could fuse it, if ya choose it 'cause it's deep rooted
      I make ya maggot ass crawl out the gutter
      For underestimating as I'm creating the butter
      Cliques get clipped like heavy bricks when I'm dropping
      I'm wrecking nigga whole shit plus I make a profit
      Wicked with this shout, bodies are fished out
      I'm wrecking niggas one-by-one but then I miscount
      Mispronounced, how do LL bounce
      And get ya shit bust? I turn ya fagots into mush
      Ya slipping, I'm gripping microphones real tight
      Then I crack up the speakers in ya Ac all night
      Deliver messages, the prophecy's in me
      His Royal Highness, you minus what you claim to be
      (Say what?)

      [Chorus: x3]
      Uh, I get da drop on you niggas
      I blow it, I make it hot for my niggas

      I blow em, kaboom, but fuck sound effects
      Niggas was sleeping like I was off on a Star Trek
      Select my dialect, inspect all my checks
      He claim he getting money but L cast the cheque
      You sell blunt weed, Glock block, horizons
      Niggas in the projects find ya hypnotizing
      You clowns know when I bring forth the heat
      Hardcore niggas be wearing panties, looking sweet
      I'm on a journey through the land of fronting niggas
      Nervous motherfuckers with the hands on dirty triggers
      I lay back, niggas beef or let my nuts live
      I take my blade, insert it until ya guts give
      Execution, the destroyer of ya suspect bunch
      What? Drama! You can't believe how I deliver bomb shit
      Ya brains split, the pain hits ya little dick


      You falling backwards, leaning like a dope addict
      Rope niggas claim me, packing automatics
      Found his ol' Earth's burner underneath the mattress
      Go outside, the bitch up just like a actress
      I take ya motherfuckers one-by-one and show ya how it's done
      And dick ya down in front of everyone
      Bitch niggas ain't got no type of reason
      To say a bullshit rhyme in LL season
      I'm freezing, ya bleeding heavily up out'cha rectum
      Black and blue, trying ta hide up in the spectrum
      I got ya raw ass busting straight flat
      Head up on the place mat, ready to waste that
      Operating incorporates stimulating designs
      Lay that motherfucker's shit down, nigga resign
      Don't lose ya mind, concentrating on how I shine
      You never hear a nigga like me, never in time
      I blaze it quick, amaze cliques when I flip
      I can't believe you niggas forgot who rip shit
      It's '96 and niggas like to hold they dicks
      I'm breaking shit aside ya doctor's can't fix


      Fuck the tricks and all them smooth singing grooves
      I'm bringing crews, in my ring you swing and lose
      With the blues light my fuse, allow me
      To show ya crab ass fake niggas how it be
      My technique's superb when I'm pissing on these herbs
      Crystal clear so you can hear every word
      Fuck the goodie-goodie or your moms might hear it
      I gotta keep my title locked down so niggas fear it
      Uh, I get da drop on you niggas
      I blow it, I make it hot for my niggas

      [Repeat: x2]
      Uh, I get da drop on you niggas
      I blow it, I make it hot!

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