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    LL Cool J
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    Def Jam In The Motherland

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    Def Jam In The Motherland

      About "Def Jam In The Motherland"

      Lyrics for LL Cool J - "Def Jam In The Motherland"

      Yeah, yeah, checkin' 'em out
      Special shout-out, keepin' on
      Check it out y'all, my man in the house

      Corkunrun absolute killer of all
      Take her blood, bouncin' heads like balls
      Murderer, somethin' mutilator of Amiga
      I get ill, so blood spills, every time I speak
      Drivin' Bombs that inveterate your ego
      Suckers all weird, no let the best go migo
      They talk and talk, I invade and take over
      Forget Mako, you gonna need a make-over
      I'm ferocious, animalistic, an animal
      On the mic, I'm a cannibal
      I eat livers, hearts, legs and arms
      They crown me the King of doin' nothin' but harm
      I'm two with the Universe and I'ma make you
      Diverse, make I kill quick, so you'll win from crew to hers
      I'ma Titan, keepin' you frightened
      I went to the Motherland, so now I'm enlightened
      There's a

      Def Jam in the Motherland, Def Jam in the Motherland
      Def Jam in the Motherland, in the Motherland
      It's a Def Jam in the Motherland, Def Jam in the Motherland
      Def Jam in the Motherland, in the Motherland

      For bow-take to far cynical of Egypt
      Cool J I'm slay and I'm fully equipped
      To decapatate, amputate and take titles
      The legend of leather, I'ma real live idol
      Damn I take souls, condemn we men
      And make microphones men again and again
      Cause, I'm blood thirsty watch and try to curse me
      You'll lose the battle even if you out re-hearsed me
      I'ma rip holes watch heads roll, like a mole
      When I'm strollin' with my neck on a goal
      My battles' like a blackout, you can't back out
      Only difference, no time to feel a track out
      It's a


      So come forward, admit you're guilty
      Admit that your thoughts of New Jack killed me
      Admit you were sleepin' on the skills of L
      Now know that I handle mine, very well
      I burn buildings, eat emcee's
      Smack DJ's and tell the seated girls please
      They try to jam hard, but I'ma fan God
      And they could never get a piece of the man Todd
      King Posse ruler and high roller
      You losin' it son, your games' gettin' colder
      It's a


      I'm a Monar, the Warlord of life
      The eliminator, and I'ma score tonight
      Somethin' like Murley, but it goes much deeper
      Now just another rapper with a chain and a beeper
      One sample is ample, four emcees'll get trampled
      Bein' absent from God, I'ma give you sample
      My vocabulary's legendary, my rumpy your temporary
      So what your name in the bituary
      Step back the conqueror spreads his wings
      Kindergarten rappers, I'm back to change things
      I rock the clearest, one hell of a learer
      Since I can't miss and I'm kinda like a chemist
      When I put a potion together it's splendid and fatal
      You can never make a move on me cause you're still premado
      Grip the mic tight sometimes I get calasis
      And when I'm through you face baralysis
      I'm gettin' thinner, watch me eat dinner
      I'm down to skinner beginner to be a winner
      It's a


      Who gets the roughest, you know the answer
      You're a dandelion, I'm a panther
      When I pick up the mic, as my fist see mo'
      King of Rackadochio, I'm magnifigo
      When I rock, hearts roll on and walk bad
      Cause I know it's makes the face-sucker-ducks mad
      I came back to smack wifes and pull cards
      Introducin' the original Todd
      Just like a bloodhound but I got this spellbound
      Your rhymes are snowbound and I can throw down
      I'm like a thundercloud, I drop heavy
      Hold steady, get ready, your petti confetti
      Techniques and styles, they ain't ready
      Ah, ah, yeah, full of horsepower and I'ma devour
      Stay clean when I scream you're soft las cauliflower
      I set the track and record you like a brown mouse
      Then flick and do a Bruce Lee 'roundhouse
      No threat exist, no man can stand
      Say mic check and expect to take the man


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