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    Jake Miller
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      About "Steven"

      Lyrics for Jake Miller - "Steven"

      Yeah, look
      Let me tell you about a kid named Steven
      He's slowly running out of things to believe in
      Every couple of months his mom leaves him,
      For no good reason his step-dad beats him
      Not too many friends, only ever had a few of them,
      But recently they don't want anything to do with him
      Always eating lunch in the bathroom stall,
      He just wants to feel normal and be cool again, yeah
      Always feeling like the outcast, he's been going crazy ever since his dad passed
      He needs guidance and advice but instead
      He only has breakdowns and flashbacks of the car crash uh
      It's been getting harder everyday, if he was still around everything would be ok
      'Cause his dad was always the light at the end of the tunnel,
      But now that same damn tunnel is looking dark and grey
      He keeps quiet in the back of the class
      And when the bell rings Steven hurries home fast
      Scared to death the other kids will kick his ass on the long walk home
      'Cause its happened in the past so
      He's getting used to the black eyes and fat lips
      But all he's got is a fake smile and cut wrists
      Wishin' he could walk right up to them and show them the scars
      And say look you're the reason that I've done this
      Maybe they would finally understand and go back to how it was before it all began
      But he's just a little different so they taunt him and they beat him
      Yeah it's all just fun and games, they don't give a damn, yeah
      His older brother ain't around, in and out of jail, hanging with the wrong crowd
      He's been doing coke, smoking weed, getting drunk all his life he's a shame
      No, he's not too proud
      Now his habits are rubbing off on his little bro yeah, but guess what?
      Little did he know that every time he did a line,
      Every time he lit a joint,
      Every time he took a shot he would set the mode
      So Steven's sitting in his room getting high now
      Doors locked, music up, with his lights out
      He just takes another toke til his room fills with smoke
      5-6-7 hours til he knocks out
      Now he started stealing pills from his mom
      8-9-10 at a time and now they're gone
      And maybe for a moment all his problems seem to fade,
      But the high fades too after not too long
      And that's when it really sinks in and that's when it hits him
      That these god damn drugs won't fix him
      Curled up on the floor, can't take it anymore
      Now he's talking to God 'cause he's the only one that gets him
      On his knees, looking up, can't stop crying
      "God I know we haven't talked in a long time
      But this time I really need you. Please God help me, say something
      Just give me a sign, because now I'm falling apart and
      I don't think that I can do it. Please God, give me the strength
      To pull through it. Tell me, Should I give up? I could end it all right now.
      I just don't know if I'm brave enough to do it.
      'Cause there's gotta be a better way than suicide.
      Try to wait it out, give it time, you'll be fine.
      But it's been so long and I still haven't been able to get rid
      Of all the thoughts that I feel inside. So sick, so angry, so mad
      And to top it off no one even knows that"
      That's when he stood up, wiped his tears, walked over to his desk
      And got a pen and a notepad
      He just couldn't see it getting any better
      So on a cold dark night in December, Steven knew exactly what he had to do
      But first he sat down and wrote a couple letters
      One to his step-dad, one to his mother,
      Couple to the kids at school, one to his brother
      Bringing them the pain that they once brought him
      Tear drops on the paper one after another
      Yeah, I hope that you all feel guilty.
      'Cause I'm broken now and you can't heal me
      And now you're all an accomplice in murder
      Each and every one of you have chipped in to kill me
      So the reason that I'm writing you this evening,
      Is to say goodbye and to tell you that I'm leaving
      But don't hold your breath 'cause I ain't never coming back
      Sincerely yours, Steven

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