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    Heavy D & The Boyz
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    Peaceful Journey

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    Peaceful Journey

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      About "Peaceful Journey"

      Lyrics for Heavy D & The Boyz - "Peaceful Journey"

      Here's to you
      You have gone through struggles, suffering
      This one goes out to everybody in the world, but especially on the street level
      Because I know where you comin' from and some of the things you do, I can understand
      So through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

      What is a friend for? Through rich and through poor
      Kinda like a marriage balanced on a different floor
      A friend could tell you things that he wouldn't tell another
      So in essence, a friend could be considered a brother
      You laugh and you play a lot, you talk and you say a lot
      But when it's time to feel the pain, you cry and you pray a lot
      I'm talkin' about you, you who have the time
      A time to be my friend when no one else would be mine
      Problems were nothing because I had my man to share them with
      Hills were nothing neither, cause I had my man to climb 'em with
      I'm really proud to say that I truly really knew you good
      And oh, God's blessing from the entire neighborhood
      And as the days drift, drift into the future
      I laugh a little louder at the times that I was witcha
      This one's for you and I truly hope you hear me
      And through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

      [Chorus x2]
      You'rrrrrrrre on my miiiiiiiiiiiind (You're on my mind)
      And I wish you a peaceful journey (Peace!)
      Brother I hope you hear me

      In the corner, sits the little girl in tears
      The shadow of a man overwhelms her fears
      "Mommy, mommy, NO!", the words of a battered child
      The wicked, wicked mommy has the sticks swingin' buckwild
      "Mister, mister, do you have a dime?
      See, I'm hungry and I'd rather be a begger than do crime"
      Sure here's your dime, go make a big ten bucks
      Now sneak around the corner, get your joints and go beat him up
      A kid on the streets, doesn't want to be beat
      So he hangs on the block 'til his pop fall asleep
      Missing kids on the milk carton
      A lunatic kills kids for kicks and gets pardoned
      Baby girls run away from home, huh
      And two months later, they're stars on child porn
      Tracks on the arms of a minor
      Suzie ran too, but she'll be dead when they find her
      Kids on the street movin' drugs, the thugs' growin' up fast
      Wouldn't stop when one gets plunged
      Junior stole a Benz with his friends
      But got caught, now he's doin' time with twenties and tens
      For the rest of his life, he learns to lean on the wall
      And prays for the day when his number is called
      This one if for you and I truly hope you heard me
      Through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

      [Chorus x2]

      Pardon me, mister warden, I'm askin' for a pass
      To come for some of my brothers who made mistakes in the pass
      It's really not their fault, you see times are hard
      And it was probably difficult for my man to find a job
      Before he was forced, forced to make a living
      By lying, stealing, and eventually killing
      No one was born bad, we're all God's Kids
      So who's to really blame for the wrong that he did?
      And speakin' about the law, what are they for?
      To beat us with a stick face down on the floor?
      You preach and you preach that you want crime to stop
      If you want crime to stop, stop hiring crooked cops
      So hear me brother man, hear my plea!
      If you want success all you gotta do is succeed
      Love, life, pain, death
      What else is left on the travels of life's steps?
      In life, we lose, get bumped and bruised
      The road you choose not necessarily a cruise
      You giggle for joy, shed a tear for pain
      There's a lot to lose, and a lot to gain
      Though when you walk on the streets, try to walk on street smarts
      When you see your man down, try to have a little heart
      This one if for you and I truly hope you heard me
      Through all your travels, I'm wishing you a peaceful journey

      [Chorus x4]

      Yeah, you're on my mind
      Hear me now brother

      Stop your killing, stop your killing
      Stop your stealing, stop your stealing
      Stop your killing, stop your killing
      Stop your killiiiii-ehhhhh-eeeeaaasah

      Take my hand, take my hand
      If you need somebody, you can trust on me!
      Ha, you can lean on me
      Yes, you can errrr-aaaaahh-yaaahyaah

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