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    Fat Joe
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    Loyalty [featuring Armageddon, Prospect & Remy] (explicit album version)

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    Loyalty [featuring Arma...

      About "Loyalty [featuring Armageddon, Prospect & Remy] (explicit album version)"

      Lyrics for Fat Joe - "Loyalty [featuring Armageddon, Prospect & Remy] (explicit album version)"

      [Intro - Fat Joe talking]
      Cool & Dre, uh
      Terror Squad motherfuckers
      They're all gonna laugh at ya, haha
      They're all gonna laugh at ya
      Yeah, (YO), uh, (oh God), haha
      Haha (feedin you, feedin you)
      Yo (feedin you, feedin you)

      [Fat Joe]
      Yo, uh, yo, call me the JV artist
      That means I own two joint ventures and two different labels, niggas that pay me homage
      Been in this game for nine seasons
      That's nine reasons why I'm expired the rhyme beefin
      Ya'll niggas is rappin ass backwards
      I left twenty spots since beginnin this rap shit
      All yo papi lo que pasa contigo
      Mad cause I'm the only nigga reppin our people
      When I came in this game, no one wanted the job
      All of a sudden niggas actin like they wanna go hard
      Spittin venom 'bout the Squad, try and shittin the God
      This ain't no "Scarface" shit, blow up your kids in the car
      And since you wanna act like you livin a movie
      I'll hit you with more shots than Bruce Lee got in a "Fist of Fury"
      Bitch niggas, nothin but snitch niggas
      Today you on my dick, tomorrow you on his nigga
      Got deported from the Squad, can't afford another car
      Where's your house at? I heard your livin with your moms (livin with your moms)
      Blane nigga better stay in your place
      Keep talkin, burst a flame in your face, motherfucker

      Yo, yo, with this comparison the Geddy is God
      Cause even though you never seen me, I been put fear in your hearts
      And I'm smooth like a Mulo it theme
      Skip bullets of your Coogi beam
      Before you knew you were seen
      Yeah I'm nice and I don't care if you know
      Cause all you really need to understand is how hard I'm rulin with Joe
      And the streets is no place for late bloomers
      Just gangsta niggas, snakes and bitches that meant to spread rumors
      Listen, I'm from the Bronx were the gun shoot rabid
      Front if you want, but don't think we don't shoot rapids
      I'm what some might consider a ghost
      Cause I move at night, plus I'm the type to play a live nigga close
      I'm the ultimate, high consulted, rhyme vocalist
      I write dope, spit dust and shit cocoa bricks
      This is what you dicks need to act-knowledge
      Or get the shit smacked outta ya fat cabbage
      Don't ask why we act violent
      We just killas and thugs
      Niggas wit mad talent, that still dabble in drugs
      I only rap now to speak to the streets
      They say the Squad gotta feed 'em the beef
      So we gonna feed 'em the beef

      My nine milly blaze, and hit hard like Willy Mays
      Since my kiddy days, grew up with thugs who were really crazed
      Ain't no silly games, right here be the truth
      150 proof, whoever, I'm talkin to you
      They call me Prospect, I'm one in a mil
      One of the real, I rap but I still put a gun in your grill
      I'm the reason why I catch you when your car breezin by, with your Iceberg team
      You look when the light turns green
      Your scared to death, don't make me have to air at ya chest
      Or tear ya flesh, for actin like I carin what's left
      Anyone can get it in a minute give it some time, I'm livin this rhyme
      Let my nine get in your spine, sit and recline
      Get so mad, forget and rewind
      So I can see what I did again and just slide
      To the next level, hop on the bike and just pedal
      Bustin at your best rebel, who runnin to test medal
      Let me get settled, lay my mom down in this game
      For niggas kinda refain, I push 'em down in the train
      Bout it the same, my three cousins up in the Benz
      Big, G Psycho and E, ya'll know what this is

      [Remy Martin]
      Yo, yo, It's the T, E, a are a, a are a, O, are Squad
      So you know I gotta be that bitch Remy Mar
      With Armageddon and your nigga Joe The God
      Tony Sunshine and motherfuckin Prospect
      Straight out the projects
      A forest, where they kill for mils and they blast the steel
      But I'm from murda murda Castle Hill
      I got a big ass burner, but I'll slash your grill
      Yo don't got no status, don't want no static
      They knew you was loco toto, and I don't no Spanish
      All I know is how to cock back and aim for the cabbage
      And keep on bustin 'til the bitch brain splatter
      And the kids won't matter, when the crib's on fire
      What you spit don't matter, cause this bitch on fire
      And I won't stop rockin 'til I retire
      Any bitch disagree is a god damn liar

      [Outro - Fat Joe talking]
      Yeah, uh infamous Terror Squad nigga
      Loyalty, what does it mean to you
      How many a ya'll niggas is loyal?
      All these Benedict Arnold niggas
      Switch sidin niggas, ya heard?
      Nigga I throw this whole rap shit out the window in a sec, ya heard?
      Joe Crack the Don Diggler
      The savior, Caesar, the streets is mine nigga
      We ride, who wanna test the record launcher, ya see 'em?
      Uh, haha, feedin you, feedin you, feedin you
      Make your move baby, c'mon
      Step up baby
      They're all gonna laugh at ya
      [laughing], woo, BX

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