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    Fat Joe
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    Beat Novacane

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    Beat Novacane

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      About "Beat Novacane"

      Lyrics for Fat Joe - "Beat Novacane"

      [Fat Joe]
      Yeah, T.S., yeah, uhh
      Yo, yo...

      Wonder if we all V-S'es'us
      Wanna know the streets that we fuss
      Now sit back and witness the di-rector's cut
      And niggaz throw your T.S.'s up {BEAT NOVACANE!}

      [Fat Joe]
      Go figure it, Joe Crack runnin New York
      Who woulda thunk it, God above and Pun did
      Yeah, they came while I was 'sleep
      Whispered in my ear this is your year {CRACK PREACH!}
      So I testify
      To burn down the throne, niggaz follow my lead
      Save your breath for crownin me King of N.Y.
      I'm the one and only Godfather, one through three
      Pardon me, but I was raised in the projects
      Forgettin I wasn't the only object
      We was more concerned with cuttin up and choppin
      Supplyin fiends with that work, get it poppin
      Now who wanna pop off 'til they head get popped off
      By the realest MC, and that's ME!
      Joe Crack the Don, I came from the streets
      Knee deep in the game, other half in the streets
      I got that permit to bury ya ice grill
      Shoulda named this album hurr "Licensed to Kill"
      Ahhh - yes my life chilly chill
      Mansion in Miami, other in the Jersey Hills
      Chillll, that's that '88 flow
      Small face 20's, that's that '88 dough
      Joey Jefferson, I'm on the 88th flo'
      Khaled him with that talk nigga {UN, UN, UN, UNBELIEVABLE!}

      [Chorus: repeat 2X]
      One Phantom, two castles, and a Jeep fo'
      Five mics a classic, kinda like my six-fo'
      Several years I earned cake, let me tell you more
      Joey Crack, a.k.a. '88, Cook Coke

      [Fat Joe]
      Wonder why I paint a picture of the street life so vivid I lived it
      Y'all dudes innocent, y'all just visitin
      And that's the reason why they call me ghetto
      D.O., have you homeless {?} diggin deep holes
      Police know, but just couldn't figure me out
      I'm like {?}, have 'em makin pies in the house
      It's grill, spit fire like I never been out
      And I ain't gon' retire 'til there's never a doubt
      The wheels, in my head keep spinnin
      I'm thinkin anybody go against me losin chil'ren
      I'm thinkin there's no better time than now to start some killin
      It's Cook Coke Crack, 2005's ghetto version of Achilles NIGGA


      [Fat Joe]
      Yo, yo, loop this and you crash the remix
      And forget who you thought I was, I'm Crack BEYOTCH
      The same dude that made you "Lean Back"
      And had that nigga Ma$e spittin that gangsta shit
      Can't wait 'til my nigga Shyne come home
      Six minutes, six minutes, Joey Crack you're on
      Uh-um, uh-um, is my microphone on? Yes
      New York, look I brought the championship home
      Now, through up your peace signs to the sky
      For all our soldiers that died
      That means Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Big L and Left Eye
      And Big Pun the greatest of all time, sing it with me now


      [repeat 2X]
      Wonder if we all V-S'es'us
      Wanna know the streets that we fuss
      Now sit back and witness the di-rector's cut
      And niggaz throw your T.S.'s up {BEAT NOVACANE!}

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