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    Big Daddy Kane
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    Mortal Combat

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    Mortal Combat

      About "Mortal Combat"

      Lyrics for Big Daddy Kane - "Mortal Combat"

      The kiss of death on a rap pick
      Then you get a slap quick, so guard it with chapstick
      In other words, protect and hold your own
      It only takes one punch to get head flown
      Fists of fury, suckers get buried
      Cause the Kane got more spice than curry
      I am the flavor down on paper
      And nothing could save ya, from catchin' the vapors
      Rhymes that'll sting your face like a quick jab
      And I'm rubbin' em in just like vicks say I'm
      Captivatin, dominatin, innovatin, illustratin, fascinatin'
      Motivatin, elevatin, terminatin, mutilatin'
      Rhymes they're worth their weight in
      Gold, bold, never sold to a bidder
      That claim to glitter, you're so bitter like kitty litter
      As for damage, don't tell me what another do
      Cause I quote that I'm r-a-w
      So make room, cause fighters are doomed
      Try to consume, and make your own tune
      A grave from a casket, a tisket a tasket
      You're rhymes out of basket, boy you get your ass kicked
      For frontin' like you hittin' hard
      When your arms are too short, to box with god
      So don't even touch cause I come with too much
      Address and bless any mic that I clutch
      And for a rapper to challenge my freestyle
      He must be senile, and that's why meanwhile
      Back at the ranch
      There goes the asiatic chosen one that's expandin' with a new branch
      So many slept on the nonchalant act
      Now wake up sucker this is mortal combat

      You say daddy I don't want none

      I seize and freeze MC's with these degrees
      Put me to my knees, or at ease, chill'd please
      I break it down, to bring on the next act
      Rappers are so full of shit, they need ex-lax
      So stop griffin, your mind is driftin'
      Prepare yourself cause I get swift and
      Captivate the crowd but you can't understand
      At times I gotta say to myself, "god damn!"
      As I get hot, and still be gettin' warmer
      And I don't have beef with no other performer
      Keep to myself never bother another
      But if a rapper tries to diss I crush the motherfucker!
      Frontin' mc's that be tryin' to rip
      Need to save it, and don't even play with
      Me when I react like a volcano eruptin'
      I step to you and say, "now what's up?" then
      Every word'll be just like surgery
      Cuttin' you open so rush to emergency
      Or even bow to your knees and below
      Or get played like a game of Nintendo
      J-o-k-e-s ain't my style
      I ain't a child that's why I don't smile
      I combine a line designed to find behind the mind
      So divine the other rappers resign
      As I go on, from night to morn
      Beginning to end, from knowledge, to born
      Whenever rappers are lookin' for static
      Looks like a job for king Asiatic
      An-y, send-me, competitors
      Then again, it might just be better to
      Just slow down you don't wanna throwdown
      I get busy, get you dizzy like a merry-go-round
      Feel the wrath of a big daddy duel rhyme
      And competition, prepare for wartime
      Be alert for where I drop the bomb at
      As I destroy you with mortal combat

      You say daddy I don't want none

      I roll so bold with soul control the whole patrol
      Of folders molders towin black gold
      So let it be said, let it be read
      Cause I lead ahead, of others who rhymes are old as pro-keds
      Tryin to diss the big daddy repetoire
      You steady screamin' out a antique segment wrote
      As I just play em like a pregant roach and stomp em
      For tryin the forbidden
      Your rhymes ain't hittin', boy you won't be gettin'
      None of, or in front of, cause every one of
      My adversaries, lack, you little son of
      O-bit-uary column, and read your name
      If you ever try to step to the big daddy Kane
      So any claimin' or aimin' to be champion
      Against me? psh, can't be one
      I rank supreme and it's a rapper's dream
      To scheme and fiend for my technique but redeem
      Cause there's only room for one teacher
      Wise words from a wise man'll reach ya
      I teach freedom, justice, and equality
      Peace to the brothers and sisters and follow me
      Plenty poisoned minds of the people are ours
      Slaves, from mental death in power
      That's the reason before I drop this bomb
      I say peace to the nation of Islam

      You say daddy I don't want none

      A. HARDY
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