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Trey Songz

Made To Be Together

Trey Songz

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Song Information
Made To Be Together
By: Trey Songz
About This Song & Song Lyrics

About "Made To Be Together" by Trey Songz

Trey Songz – Made To Be Together Lyrics

Sun won't shine shine
No more glow no
The star of mine, mine
Is my star no more.
I did you wrong but this I know.
Come keep me warm please,
Girl I'm so cold.


Lemme talk to ya,
Cold winter nights
By myself
Blankets just won't do.
I need your help.
Cause I don't wanna miss the way your body feels no more.
No I don't.
It's only been two days (yeah)
Since you been gone (yeah)
But those few moments feel so long
Now I'm sitting at the edge of my bed with my hands on head
And the only thing I've been thinking while I been alone is that

I can't let you go I won't let you leave.
One thing that I know
Is that baby you were made for me for sure
My life is in your hands,
I live to be your man
We're made to be together
So baby no, no don't go, don't go
Girl if you don't know
I'll give my heart I'll give my soul for sure
I'm right here on my knees
If were to leave I'd lose my everything

You complete me baby
Don't you let nothing come between us
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Alcohol has been my best friend
And I admit some tears have passed my chin
Crying in the bed over you just ain't manly
But I don't give a damn (no)
Cause I can wash these pillow cases and
I can change these sheets baby
But I need you back in the crib cooking up
Some of that good chicken and gravy mash potatoes
Homemade lemonade want you back to the old days
You've been with me since I had long braids and


Girl my heart won't beat
At night I can't sleep no
Ooh your haunting my dreams
All I know is I want to hold to memories
When you touch I touch you
Then you'd moan and you'd scream (ooh baby)
(oh girl) girl you know just what you do to me
I acted so stupidly and unless you wanna take my soul
No, don't go


Don't you go away
(Stop I cant)
No baby no don't you go away
(I just I just need time)
Don't you leave me girl
(Don't do this)
Don't you leave me girl
Don't you leave me girl
(I gotta run with my mind)
Don't you leave me girl
(baby, baby stop it, OK)
We're made to be together
(I'll stay)

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