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Robert Earl Keen


Robert Earl Keen

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Song Information
By: Robert Earl Keen
About This Song & Song Lyrics

About "Undone" by Robert Earl Keen

Robert Earl Keen – Undone Lyrics

Fire one up and you toss one down
Everybody knows you been downtown
Been downtown late last night
Busted your head in a barroom fight
Fightin' with your brother fightin' with your wife
Seems you been fightin' every day of your life
Can't stand still, still can't run
You put it all together but it came undone

Your soul is junk, your brain is dust
All your memories are eaten up with rust
Your nightmares real, dreams too stark
You love the night but you hate the dark
Your mother your daddy little sister too
Told you a secret they were countin' on you
You were dying to tell but your dad said son
Button your lip but it come undone

So they turned you out when you turned them in
They told you don't come back again
Now the years stack up like old beer cans
Dead end jobs payment plans
Broke down trucks welfare checks
Child support and back-seat sex
You'd kill yourself but you hocked your gun
You built a noose but it come undone

So you're livin' in a shack bu you wanna be rich
And you would if it wasn't for the son of a bitch
The son of a bitch the dirty old whore
The butcher the baker the grocery store
You hate them they hate you
What in the world are you gonna do
It ain't your fault but they need someone
To blame it on when they come undone

Now the storm's comin' in the sky's turned black
It's too late now you can't turn back
Lightnin' strikes on the telephone wire
You're drunk as a skunk your shack's on fire
The wife took the baby and the other two kids
The dogs are a-howlin' and the chickens are dead
It's your last night out and you're gonna have fun
They'll read it in the papers when you come undone

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