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River Don't Runnn (feat. Murphy Lee & Stephen Marley)


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Song Information

River Don't Runnn (feat. Murphy Lee & Stephen Marley)

By: Nelly
About This Song & Song Lyrics

About "River Don't Runnn (feat. Murphy Lee & Stephen Marley)" by Nelly

Nelly – River Don't Runnn (feat. Murphy Lee & Stephen Marley) Lyrics

[Chorus: Stephen Marley]
Walk down the river 'cause the river don't run
Same thing make you laugh, make you cry
that's why what goes around comes around my son
Walk down the river 'cause the river don't run
Same thing make you laugh make you cry
I got them rocks, them yellow diamonds and that oh oh oh bling

Man I got two twin cutlass's interior gator
I call em' Now and Later cause they candy flavored
You see I drive one now and drive the other one later
Shit it's the new Fresh Prince and all I'm missing is Jada (hey)
I got a hard drive all I'm missing is data
Please give my number to ya sister I been missing to date her
I hate to hate a hater
In fact I hate to hate
Hatin' is hatein' you should never hate congratulate
Look here my attitude is just that you may never know my mind
Or know just what I'm thinkin' if I don't let you inside
Yeah inside my mental I know you meant well
I'm out of time and out of training days like Denzel
Never the gangsta type, more lke a hustler (man)
I fucked the ones up out them playboy books and hustler
Honeys and ? tails
The King magazines, the maximas the eye candy ? in queens


I'm a spit it till I really can't spit it no mo'
Nothin' changed cell phone still 314
No the dertty ain't movin nann East West coast
I'm a Midwest swanger 'cause they love me the most
Some of em' lie me humble, others like me to boast
Please, my whole life is off of bets and numbers
I take a G-4 land to that H2 Hummer
Leave a 745 in LA for the summer
Got the world wide cell to check the e-mail
Plus 41k plan in ATL got 8 females
I see em' all from 8 to 12
The only player who can ball without his ACL
Who may not be original but still a dunn da da
I'm gone take his beat and flip it, I'm gone make it hotter
You go head and take the train and I'm gone take the chopper
I'm tired of niggas fronting like they top gun shockers (this is)

[Chorus- Stephen Marley]
[Stephen Marley]
Man come running over, just ta shine his light
Lets take a visit, sacred is the night
Wrong wishes be ware, now that I am here
Loardy, loardy, loardy, loardy, loardy
Loardy, loardy, loardy, loardy, loardy

[Murphy Lee]
Shoot, they thought a dirty wouldn't make it this far
Now I'm supporting my family they liking who I are
Schoolboy hard worker they consider him a star
I guess that's why they look at us as if we from mars
Singer la ling I deal wit bars like a weight trainer
Hustlin' got me bigger like weight gainer
A once remainder, St.Louis entertainer
My women love me later, how could a hater blame her
Shoot, I'm just that dude that kick bars for a living
Get rich and trick collect cars for a living
Houses on hills, wit great lakes in the back
Bowling alleys and basements, beds bigger than Shaq's
Damn look at the leather in that old school Lac'
Baby doo doo green, I wonder who al' do that
The original rude dude, considered to cool
Probably know me from touching your booty at school (Bling)


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