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Bike Riders


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Song Information
Bike Riders
By: Lucero
About This Song & Song Lyrics

About "Bike Riders" by Lucero

Lucero – Bike Riders Lyrics

Kathy met a girlfriend at a place over on grand. she swore if she got out alive she'd not go back again.
The fellas didn't know her and they scared her half to death.
Hand prints on her jeans, she woulda just got up and left.
But that's when she saw benny standing over by the bar.
She sat back down and waited til he came over to talk.
Later on that night she was walking out the door.
Benny starting up his bike the boys came out for more.
They picked her up and put her on the back of benny's bike.
Now kathy's been with benny bauer ever since that night. she's tried to leave him many times but can't quite get away.
She's seen more jails and courts and lawyers than she'd like to say.
But benny's always been a fighter that'll never change.
Kathy takes him home and heals him up all the same.
He'd made it from the clubroom all the way out to the street.
They'd beat him with the barstools but he made it on his feet.

kathy's running to her boy, picks him up and takes him home,
Benny's saying girl I'm sorry. baby you don't know.

at a bar they call the stoplight the fellas drink their beer.
The women with their hair done up they make it very clear
Which one of the fellas is all theirs and can't be touched,
But that don't mean the motorcycle riders just give up
On talking to the pretty ladies every one they can.
Never seen the trouble caused all by just one dance.
If benny don't get himself shot tonight he'll wish that he had when he gets home.

so kathy's dating benny and he keeps her by his side.
Kathy's still the cutest girl these boys'll ever find.
Riders line up bsas out on the scramblers track.
Levis jeans and leather jackets number their backs.
Benny's bike's too big big to race in the two-fifty class.
They make him start way up on the hill out by the railroad tracks.
Tomorrow they'll all ride across the illinois state line
To the motorcycle blessing at the st. christopher shrine.

kathy's walking out the door.
Leaving benny all alone.
Benny's crying kathy please
Baby don't you go.
Kathy do you mean it this time?
Just leave him in the middle of the night?
His wallet's on your table,
His boots are on your floor,
But the car's parked right outside your back door.
Just leave him asleep in your bed
And you're halfway to chicago
Before goodbye is said.

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