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Larry The Cable Guy

Redneck Santy Claus

Larry The Cable Guy

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Song Information
Redneck Santy Claus
By: Larry The Cable Guy
About This Song & Song Lyrics

About "Redneck Santy Claus" by Larry The Cable Guy

Larry The Cable Guy – Redneck Santy Claus Lyrics

Good lord my dads a ginacolagist and he can't drive no more he got tunnle vision that's funny that ain't very christmasy but that's funny. Santy Claus, Santy Claus up in the air deliverin all kinds of goodies to kids everywhere Santy Claus, Santy Claus landin on my house slidin down the chimney quiet as a mouse Santy Claus,Santy Claus Sleigh up on lifts, Rudolp is wearin the rebel flag and his hat says grits and tits Santy Claus, Santy Claus slidin down the chimney without fear don't do that in San Francisco Santy Claus there's to many queers Santy Claus, Santy Claus stirin under the tree is he leavin a toolbak or is he takin a pee Santy Claus, Santy Claus you fatter than I thought you need to stay away from them cookies I bought Santy Claus, Santy Claus lightin farts in the kitchen trowin out big flames man it was bitchin Santy Claus, Santy Claus goin back to the sled he just strangled tickle me Elmo under the tree and left him for dead Santy Claus, Santy Claus leavin with them deers careful Rudolph old Santy Claus has had too many beers Santy Claus, Santy Claus I seen him go by down to the bad shady part of town hell he's just a regular guy Santy Claus, Santy Claus he's wavin at cars he's done for the night son of a bitch is headed for titty bars Santy Claus, Santy Claus take of that red suit and put on these Wrangler jeans and skin lizard boots Santy Claus, Santy Claus lets stop at K-MART get some colonge damn you smell like deer farts Santy Claus, Santy Claus lets party all night then lets go to Denny's shoot well do it up right Santy Claus, Santy Claus I ate a grnd slam without any trouble then this mournin I was sick pooped a 2 rub and dub Santy Claus, Santy Claus I heard you say as you left the room Merry Christmas Fart knockers and I hope ya'll have many more Santy Claus, Santy Claus

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